The Templars Dungeons in Domme

Domme is a small commune in the southwestern section of France. It was constructed in 1281, and it is one of the most exquisite towns in the country. 

Domme is built on a hill of 150 meters. It overlooks the valley below and offers unmatched views of the landscaping. It also overlooks the gorgeous Dordogne River.

Much like most medieval towns, Domme was built high for protection and defense. It also allows seeing when enemies are approaching.

However, Domme is more than a beautiful commune. Once, it was where King Philip IV imprisoned the Templars.

In 1307, thousands of Templars were held captive in the town's dungeons after the king and his comrades arrested them. Underneath the medieval town, the Knights awaited their trial, where many members were executed. However, in the time that the Templars spent underground, they left hundreds of images and graffiti cravings. They even used a code that represents their faith and fate. 

Archaeologists have succeeded in deciphering the code. The octagon symbolizes the Holy Grail that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. The square means the temple on the mount, back in Jerusalem where the order first started. It is surrounded by a circle that refers to the imprisonment that the order faced.

The Templars ending was indeed unfortunate. Some members confessed under torture to the allegations and were burned alive at stake. Others who resisted the torture were either imprisoned or sent to join the order of the Knights Hospitaller, which inherited many lands and assets of the Templars.

 Domme today is labeled as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its astonishing architecture is well-preserved. You can admire the fortified arches under the town's yellow stones and explore the Templars graffiti carved into walls. The least, it is worthy of your visit.

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