Masonic Jewelry

Freemasons wear jewelry to identify with the Freemason fraternity and showcase what the brotherhood exemplifies and means to them. The jewelry could include rings, cufflinks, pocket watches, recognition pins, etc.

The following are some commonly asked questions about Masonic jewelry and the answer to those questions.

Question: Must Freemason jewelry be worn?

Answer: No, it is not compulsory to wear them.

Question: Are the jewelry provided by the lodges for members?

Answer: No, members can buy jewelry of their choice. But some lodges have custom lapels pins that have their lodge name and number  

Question: Why do members of the Freemason fraternity choose to wear jewelry related to Freemasonry

Answer: Freemasons wear Masonic jewelry to signify their belief in Freemasonry. The jewelry they wear shows that they are proud to be a member of the brotherhood and they identify with its reputation, history and its causes. Freemason has various bodies with each body having jewelry designed to show affiliation with them.

Blue Lodge/ Craft Lodge Jewelry

There are 3 degrees in craft lodge Freemasonry. The three degrees are Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. Master Masons usually buy Master Mason rings. This jewelry usually has the square and compasses symbol on them. Masonic lapel pins have various Masonic symbols. The Masonic lapel symbols include the Masonic apron, the Masonic trowel, officer pins and more.

Past Master Jewelry

Past Masters wear Past Master rings and pins which indicates that they have previously held the rank of Worshipful Masters in their lodges. This jewelry is popular among Past Masters, and the ones that are made of gold are even more popular. We have a collection of Past Master jewelry on our website.


Those that are members of the numerous appendant Freemasonry bodies like the Shrine, DeMolay, Scottish Rite and others show their affiliation by wearing Masonic keychains, watches, pins, pendants, rings and other jewelry that indicate the degree they have passed and the titles and ranks that they have reached in Freemasonry.

York Rite/Knights Templar:

Some Master Masons join the York Rite. They may choose to wear a Knights Templar ring if they wish. In some countries, the Knights Templar is part of the York Rite while in other countries, it is a separate order. You can view our collection of Knights Templar jewelry at Brick Masons here.

Scottish Rite

Some members of the Freemason fraternity may decide to join the Scottish Rite after becoming a Master Mason. After they pass the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite, they wear the Scottish Rite rings that with the symbol of the double-ended eagle and the Yod if they wish.



The order of DeMolay is a Masonic group for boys between the ages of 12 and 21. In 1919, it was founded by Frank S. Land in Kansas City. The members of the DeMolay wear DeMolay pins and other DeMolay jewelry.

Eastern Star

In 1850, Dr. Rob Morris created the Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.). In 1866, Dr. Morris handed over to Robert Macoy that established the rituals and chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.). Members of the Eastern Star are usually men and women that have a Master Mason in their family. Members of the Eastern Star wear Eastern Star jewelry like pendants, lapel, earrings and rings signifying the present or past titles they have attained with the Order of the Eastern Star. You can find our collection of O.E.S jewelry at Brick Masons here

Shrine Jewelry

In 1870, Dr. Walter M. Fleming, and William J. Florence established the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Members of this order wear Shriner rings, pins and fez pins. For most jurisdictions, one must be a Master Mason before becoming a member of the Shrine. So, some members wear Shriner rings on one finger, and Masonic rings on another finger. You can find some Shriner jewelry here.

The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.A.O.N.M.S.):

A.A.O.N.M.S. is an anagram for A MASON. It is an American organization that is not available in other parts of the world. Members of the Shrine are called Nobles and their wives are called Ladies. The Shrine temple is a building where Shriners meet. The building is dedicated to deity.

Shriners are the social arm of Freemasonry. They host golf tournaments, balls and other social events. Members wear fezzes, organize parades and volunteer in several causes for charities that the Shrine support. Shriners support burn victims a lot. They support and fund various burn hospitals for burn patients under the age of 18.

Rainbow Girls

In 1922, the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls was founded as a Masonic group for girls between the ages of 11 and 21. They wear Rainbow Girl pendants, pins and earrings.

There are other Freemasonry appendant bodies. All these bodies have their symbols on their Masonic jewelry.       

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